Let's Talk About Lawn Care.

At Local Boys, we LOVE lawn, and know that there is nothing better than walking barefoot on well maintained grass. Healthy lawn can keep your yard cooler in the summer months, and compliments your landscape with its lush colour and soft feel.

At Local Boys, we have years of experience and ensure our team are competent in correct mowing techniques throughout different seasons, to ensure your lawn is maintained efficiently and effectively. We utilise aeration, fertilisation, dethatching, weeding, pest control, and irrigation dependant on your lawn variety to keep it in great condition year round.

We can customise a maintenance program for any lawn. Talk to us to discuss your lawn care needs.

Our lawn care services include:

  • Basic cuts and cleans
  • Full service lawn care packages
  • Lawn doctor service, with both diagnosis and treatment
  • Nutrient and fertiliser programs
  • De-thatching
  • Top dressing to repair high traffic areas
  • Lawn thickening and lawn reparations
  • Early Weed detection and prevention
  • Weed, bug and disease spraying
  • Organic treatments